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Crete offers visitors both picturesque villages and breathtaking landscapes, and a wide range of recreational activities as well: Cycling and mountain bike trips, mountain climbing and hiking, horseback riding, go-cart tracks, mini-golf, water parks and all kinds of aquatic sports can be enjoyed on Crete.


Villa Elisa and the vacation town of Stalos are the ideal starting point for trips to the many natural wonders and points of interest in western Crete.

Gramvoussa Falassarna Palechora Elafonissi Samaria Nationalpark Chania Stalos-Beach


Chania Chania Chania

Many observers consider Chania the most beautiful city on Crete. The historical fortifications, the harbour warehouses dating from the Venetian period, Chania’s churches and the picturesque harbour, the narrow alleys and the teeming central market exude a typically Grecian charm and invite visitors to tarry and soak up the atmosphere of this traditional Cretan city.



Stalos Stalos Stalos

An idyllic beach town with many small restaurants, cafes and a wonderful sandy beach for relaxation and rejuvenation.



Elafonissi Elafonissi

This small island in the south westernmost corner of Crete is surrounded by sand beaches. It is accessible on foot through shallow water from the mainland beach area. The edge of the beach has a very unusual pink sand border and the atmosphere is similar to Caribbean beaches. The voyage from Stalos to Elafonissi is a highly recommended experience in itself.



falassana Flassana

A large open bay with extremely fine sand beaches. Steep mountainous slopes ascend from the water, creating a breathtaking panoramic view of the bay area.



Grammvoussa Grammvoussa

North westernmost peninsula on Crete, together with two north lying islands. One of the nicest beaches on Crete awaits you here.

To reach the beach you must continue on foot an additional 1 ˝ hours beyond the end of the road. The hike to the beach is interesting but also strenuous and not easily negotiated.

During the summer months an excursion boat departs daily at 9 o’clock for the Gramvousa peninsula.



Palechora Palechora

A small city on the southern coast of Crete with the ruins of a Venetian fortress.

The trip from the north coast to the south coast of Crete is itself as interesting as the town of Paleochora. In the summer a boat ferries bathers from Paleochora to Elafonissi.


Samaria National Park

Samaria SchluchtSamaria Samaria

The Samaria National Park is situated in southwester Crete. The park, which was established in 1962 to preserve the original character of the Samaria Gorge, covers 48 square kilometres along the 18 kilometre long gorge, Europe’s longest gorge.
Between the up to 600 metre high stone walls of the gorge hikers can descend from the Omalos Plateau in the White Mountains (Levka Ori) to the southern coast of Crete. At the narrowest point in the gorge the walls are only 5 metres apart, and at the widest point the gorge opens up with a width of 40 metres.